DAMIAN GERARD CURRAN ASSOCIATES (DGCA) is a professional architecture & design solutions firm offering comprehensive services in the areas of architecture, engineering, land/urban planning and programming, forensics, interior and graphic design.

Our primary objective is to provide quality, personal service to each of our clients in a timely, budget-conscious manner. In this regard, the firm is organized so that each project receives the personal attention and involvement of its principals, supported by DGCA's staff of architects and engineers. Outside consultants are utilized to provide expertise in areas such as mechanical and electrical engineering.

Computer Assisted Design and Drawing, programming, cost analysis, scheduling, specification, preparation, structural analyses and other design functions are all offered using DGCA's in-house micro-computer based system. Data base management and cost accounting are also computerized affording its clients more efficient and timely project control.

Of particular note are DGCA's capabilities in the area of Computer Assisted Design and Drawing - more commonly known as CAD. DGCA utilizes its high speed 486 units in combination with its CAD software to generate 2-D and 3-D models of its architectural designs. These dimensional models can be viewed by the client at the screens and/or plotted for review or copying.

DAMIAN GERARD CURRAN ASSOCIATES, as a firm, has experience in each of the professional service areas mentioned above. Its architectural projects have included both new and remodeled structures, encompassing office and retail commercial, industrial, laboratories, schools, and churches.

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